Lottery Singapore – IGT Signs Deal With Singapore Pools to Provide Lottery Services

Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore offers a number of betting options and prize categories. The lowest price of tickets is S$1, GST included. A ticket will cost you up to S$1 if you match three numbers, but if you match more than three numbers, the price will increase. A jackpot is also available. If you happen to match six numbers in a single draw, you will be awarded S$12 million.

There are three ways to play the lottery in Singapore: online, at local retailers, and by phone. Toto games are played with two digits, while 4D games use four digits. The numbers are drawn at least three times a week, which increases your chances of winning the jackpot. Moreover, the jackpot rolls down when no one wins in four consecutive draws.

Singapore lottery is a popular form of gambling. It is both legal and easy to play. Top lottery operators regulate its activities. The 4D lottery is one of the most popular gambling games in the country. While the cash prizes are huge, lottery play does not require a large investment. Furthermore, the lottery is operated by a governing body called Singapore Pools.

IGT has signed a six-year deal with Singapore Pools to provide lottery services through its central lottery system, Aurora. IGT’s Aurora data connectivity platform provides robust reliability and support for a large volume of daily transactions. Its Aurora Navigator solution offers a centralized management system for lottery applications, and its Aurora Data Connector provides plug-and-play data integration.